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Diablo 3 Bot Software

Diablo 3 - Safe Bot for Diablo 3

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About Our Free Diablo 3 Bot

The Diablo 3 bot may be thought of as an aspect of the "darker side" of the action-RPG series. Considered superb multitasking tools, bots are third-party programs that allow players to automate the activities of their characters in the game. They are perhaps best noted for their uses on MMORPGs or any games that consist of repetitive actions.

The problem is that these Diablo 3 Bot applications are normally considered illegal by gaming manufacturers and service providers such as Blizzard Entertainment. Game characters are set to perform repetitive tasks ad nauseum while their owners attend to other activities with these diablo 3 bots; this provides an understandably unfair advantage over fellow players who prefer to earn their character levels and items through hard work.

So far, Diablo 3 has provided manual players with the means to report suspected automata. The powers-that-be examine the report, and if everything checks out, then a ban is then enforced. Despite the system, it's not surprising to see messages spammed ingame and characters grinding levels to kingdom come.

People attribute this phenomenon to human nature – specifically, the desire to take the path of least resistance. People play to relax and unwind, and if the game starts to feel like a chore, they may opt for the easy way out, regardless of what the rules say. The fact that many of these programs are available as a free download makes matters even trickier.

Thus, gamers have literally and figuratively gotten creative with this principle. Besides the possibility of the Diablo 3 bot mentioned above, other means of altering one's gaming experience also exist. For instance, Diablo 3 has seen the good and bad effects of mods on maps.

More popularly referred to as the maphack, this diablo 3 bot allows players to change unfavorable details on their map of choice. This is a double-edged sword at best. Some players find that it enhances their gaming experience by removing frustrating gameplay elements on otherwise annoying maps. Others think that this opens the door to a lot of abuse, so they avoid it like the plague.

In all fairness, not all players tread the path of the third party application. Some players who have had difficulty with the series have consulted a game guide. Designing the "right' builds for different character classes has been a staple of the Diablo series, and game guides save players from a lot of needless headaches down the road. Instead of starting their characters over, they can simply learn from those who have made the mistakes they have yet to make.

A software engineer once quipped that there are two ways to get rid of illegal applications: one, make it impossible for players to access or use them; two, make it unprofitable for them to do so.

With the ease of search engines and the nature of the human condition, it's very, very difficult – if not impossible – for gaming publishers to rid the game of every last third-party application or cheat program. The remaining option for them is to think up systems that reduce or eliminate the perceived benefits of botting and maphacking.

Until Blizzard Entertainment finds ways to do the latter, it's likely that we will see the emergence of the Diablo 3 bot after the game is released. In the meantime, a vigilant community of Diablo series fans will probably be the best deterrent against unscrupulous player behavior.

How to Install Free Diablo 3 Bot Software

1) Un-install Diablo 3. Once the uninstall is complete, go back to your Diablo directory and delete it. There may still be files/folders hanging out that will mess up d2jsp.

2) Re-install Diablo 3. Ensure you do a full install.

3) Setup Onleyer's no CD loader. If it makes a folder called 'plugins' in your Diablo directory, delete or rename it.

4) Setup your Diablo shortcut so it starts in window mode with no sound: -w -ns

5) Create a directory to install d3jsp to on your hard drive, not your desktop.

6) Extract all the files to the d3jsp directory you just made. Ensure you have the box marked 'Use folder names' checked.

7) Get the newest copy of js32.dll. Copy js32.dll to your Windows/system and Windows/system32 folder.

8) Navigate back to your main d3jsp folder. Locate a file called makecdkeyhash.exe. Double click that file and click on 'Make CD-key hash'. Copy down the numbers that pop up in the window. This file creates a keyhash from your Classic CD key. If you wish, you may manually enter a different key. Do not use the dashes if you do so.

9) Exit makecdkeyhash.exe. Find dabomb.exe. Move this file to any location outside of your d2jsp folder. Now run this file. Put in the numbers that the makecdkeyhash.exe gave you then click on 'Generate Key File'. Save this file in your main d3jsp directory.

10) Go to your d3jsp\scripts folder, find and open 'default.d3j' with any text editor. Yours should look like this:

/*   default.d3j, modify the values below to suit your needs. [by njaguar]*/

function main() {
switch( {
case "YourNameHere":

Change this line to whatever your characters name is:

      case "YourNameHere":

Should you want to run a different bot, change the line right under it to whatever bot you want to run:


Save and exit this file.

12) In your main d2jsp folder, double click this file 'autod2jsp.exe'. The first time you use this program you will get an error. Just click on 'Ok' to continue on.

13) You should now see the main screen. Click on 'Add'.

14) Following is a step-by-step explanation of the settings:

1 - Setting name. Call it what you want, it only really matters for multi-botting.

2 - This is the location of your Diablo 3 executable. Leave it as Game.exe if you are not using Onleyer's no CD loader. Click the '?' if you want to change it to Diablo II.exe.

3 - If you are using Diablo II.exe, click this checkmark.

4 - Change this to whatever you want the title of your Diablo II window to be. Useful for multi-Diablo 3 botting.

5 - If you are using multiple CD keys, click the 'Use cdkey.mpq' checkmark. You can change the name of cdkey.mpq to whatever you want. Useful for multi-botting.

6 - Account name (duh)

7 - Password (duh)

8 - Leave this as-is.

9 - Leave this as-is.

10 - If you want random game names, leave this as it is otherwise uncheck 'Use Random' and select a game name.

11 - Leave it as-is for random passwords.

12 - Use these to select your characters location.

13 - Select your difficulty level.

14 - Leave this as-is if you wish to run the bot on Closed

15 - Various settings for your Diablo II window. Set this up as you see fit.

15) Click on 'Okay' at the bottom right of the screen. It will tell you to ensure you save your settings in the main screen.

16) Once you are back at the main screen, click on 'Save'. Select your new bot configuration in the main window, then click on 'Start'.

What does the Free Diablo 3 Bot Software Do?

The Free Diablo 3 Bot Plays a perfect game of Diablo 3 for Lunar Tokens and some Gamer points.

Instructions on how to install the Free Diablo 3 Bot:

  • Edit the Free Diablo 3 Bot script (clearly defined region) to use your character name.

  • Make sure you are inside the festival games area (Free Diablo 3 Bot will fail, you'll be an idiot).

  • Make sure you have tickets in your inventory, bot for Diablo 3 will refuse to run without them.

  • Pick if you want to use Sugary Blue Drinks (you cheater, enabled by default).

  • Click start, go afk.

Other Free Diablo 3 Bot Information:

  • The bot for Diablo 3 will detect if you are out of tickets and stop playing.

  • The Free Diablo 3 Bot will detect if you are out of drinks and stop using them (keeps playing the Free Diablo 3 Bot).

  • White hatchlings have higher priority than grey (based on distance).

  • Tracks some (interesting?) stats for you.