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Granado Espada - Safe Bot for Granado Espada

Download Granado Espada Bot Now


About Our Granado Espada Bot

Granado Espada Bot: This bot will control all any any characters in your party from Emilia to a regular fighter. With this Granado Espada bot you can auto pot and heal and kill all mobs and bosses at will. Free updates are avaialbe.

From the minute you download to use this Granado Espada Bot you will see how quick and easy it is to set up. See the instructions below on how to make this bot do your bidding :). All areas and Secret areas are avaialbe. 100% Save and effective.

Granado Espada Bot

What does the Granado Espada Bot Software Do?

Our software which does not require any input from you. Simply open the game and launch the Bot program.

Compatible with all patches

The Granado Espada Bot is 100% compatible with all patches, including the latest update. It's a standalone application, not an add-on.

Update and New Features

We continually work on our Granado Espada bot to make it more & more powerful. All Major Updates come out weekly with new features. Scroll down the page for more information about the recent update.

Configuration and Installation

Installation is Easy

The Installer makes the installing process a breeze. Double click on the Installer icon, next, next, next and it's done! It's that easy.

Granado Espada Bot Configuration

All you need to do is make sure your hotbar is setup correctly. The

Granado Espada Bot will automatically detect your spells and spell location.

GameGuard - Granado Espada Bot 'Warden'

The program is 100% undectabl. The program and AddOn does not use any memory information or inject anything into the game. Granado Espada Online cannot detect you are botting!

Instant Access to our Granado Espada Bot:

  • The Granado Espada Bot Program is compatible Windows XP and Vista.

  • Contact and Support

  • Granado Espada Bot

  • Granado Espada Bot Features:

  • Auto Attack

  • The Bot can kill at a rapid rate, as fast as a human. Depending on classes, you can expect to level really fast easily with the Granado Espada Grind Bot

  • It Heals automatically so you don't die

  • The program does everything automatically and leaves the impression that a real player is controlling the characters. Attack of enemies, buff applications ... no one can assume that a program is playing for you!


  • Plenty of Kinah (Gold)

  • With our Granado Espada Bot, you just have to turn on your computer, launch the Bot, launch Granado Espada and that's it! You can go to work, watch television, take a nap... It does it all automatically. Come back and watch how much gold you make! (And Levels!)

Other Granado Espada Bot Information:

  • shift+1,+2,+3 = choose member will auto-loot

  • shift+5 = one time for scout atk, two times for heal, and three times for atk and heal (useful for use scout as dagger+autohealer lol)

  • shift+6 = auto sp potions 500~700

  • shift+7 = jack construction type in FAR, or all fences+cannons+wars togethers CLOSE

  • shift+8 = atk and pick up range 1500 3500 on running

  • shift+9 = follow character (all chars will attack same mob like ur first char)

  • shift+0 = auto hp potions 50%~90%

  • shift+w,+s,+x = auto use unique buff (example: Gracielo auto buff himself with Violent Wind Attack)

  • shift+r,+f,+v = auto use skills, one time for the 1st skill , two times for 2nd skill, etc (example: the member in F1: shift+r = Q-keyboard skill ; sift+r r (press R 2 times)= W-keyboard skill, etc)

  • shift+t,+g,+b = choose members will attack

  • shift+y = Angie mode Cannon (like jack) or Propeller (like diego)

  • shift+n = Auto Resurrection

  • shift+4 = auto keep ON this will be the last hoykey, cuz will make everytime keep mode, so u will not stop AI

Known Issues with the Granado Espada Bot Software:

  • Bug in GWCA calls to GetTitleGamer, nothing I can do about this. Will just show you zero all the time on the Granado Espada Bot Software. If this gets updated in a new DLL it will magically start working again.

  • Please let me know if you find any other bugs with the bot for Granado Espada.

Granado Espada Bot Software Update (Aug 10, 2011)

  • Granado Espada Bot was found at by user anon777