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Welcome to the portal where we direct you to useful sites pertaining to MMORPG Bots be it PvP Botting, Farming, or straight Grind Botting in any and every MMORPG.

We take a way the countless amount of hours it takes to find the right bot for your gaming needs. We develop the bot or find them on the internet and do a check to make sure they work properly. Each Online bot or script we find has been tested and trusted by our development team to work for the game you are currently playing.

If you have found a bot that works and is free please submit them to our team to post here live for everyone to enjoy. Not everyone has the time to play as much as the "leet" or hardcore people. We are here to help.

We will continue to release new online bots as well as updated scripts as we find them. So stay tuned to make sure you are caught up to date with the most recent gaming bots out there.

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